how to TRAVEL

Second largest city in Republic of Serbia, capital of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, is situated on the banks of the River Danube. Its enviable geographical position represents the heart of Vojvodina’s plains.

Town is connected to the international highway E-75 which links it to Eastern and Central Europe (Hungary) and to the highway route E-70 which links it to Western Europe (Croatia). But if you prefer trains, international railway route Vienna–Budapest–Belgrade–Istanbul passes through Novi Sad and every train stops there.

But if you are nature lover, maybe you’ll rather travel to Novi Sad by boat on the river route Danube-Main-Rhine, and enjoy in the beautiful nature of Vojvodina. Other way of transportation to this magnificent town is bike. Bike route called “EuroVelo 6” passes through Novi Sad. It starts from Atlantic (France) and goes all along through Europe where it enters in Serbia from Hungary near the town Backi Breg. It follows Danube to the national park “Djerdap” and continues to the Black Sea.

Novi Sad is well connected to all major cities in Europe which makes it also the one of the major cities. It is one of the cultural, political and economic centres in the country.