Theatre 34

Theatre „Theatre 34” is located at Nikola Pasic Street 34, in the old part of Novi Sad. It contains two theater scenes, dramatic scene for adults “Scene 34” and “happy turtle”, scene of children, founded by the writer Paul Jankovic Sole in 1990. The theater was created precisely to consolidate in one place for two age groups of lovers of the theater.Teatar 34

Theatre is comprised of a special separate public exhibition space called “Gallery hall 34” where exhibitions are organized. The area provides an opportunity for young people, newly artists, amateurs, and those experienced players, to present their work related to the theater as an art, and to present themselves as creators.

In the Theater 34 are playing cabarets, comedies, stand-up nights, musicals, dramas, all with the aim to enrich the cultural scene of Novi Sad and to help young artists at the beginning of their acting career.

Teatar 34