The Novi sad’s new theatre

The Novi Sad’s new theater was founded in 2008 in the High School “Laza Kostic” in Telep. A group of dramatic artists from Novi Sad saw the potential of the theater school, which was primarily intended for the realization of school events and celebrations. After negotiations with the school administration, an agreement was reached to revive the theater life in this very place, in order to enable drama education for children and youth.

The person who is the initiator of this idea and who still leads the whole project is Ljubisa Milisic, graduated actor. Since its inception, the goal of the Novi Sad’s new theater has been to expand the range of theater audience and at the same time, promote young actors on stage. His goal is to approach this type of art to every generation and adjust according to age.

On the repertoire of the Novi Sad’s new theater are performances for children, performances for young people up to 20 years old and for the regular theater audience. Performances for children in the repertoire are Aladdin, Little Red Riding Hood and the confused wolf, Ecological fairytale, fairy tale Kukuriku and others. The show for adults is Wedding on the cardak, Suspicious person and another.

The Novi Sad’s new theater got the status of a member of the Community of professional theaters of Vojvodina, a year ago.

Novosadski novi teatar